FIFARMA Local Associations Meeting 2017

FIFARMA Local Associations Meeting 2017 took place in Santiago de Chile, Chile between January 19th and 20th 2017 in the Renaissance Hotel.

Local Associations Directors of Latin America and FIFARMA gathered together to analyzed the current situation of the Healthcare system in Latin America and define the course of action and FIFARMA support to Local Associations. Local Associations Directors shared pressing initiatives they have been supporting in each country to boost the development of patient centric policies. FIFARMA will support projects to foster the improvement of patient´s health in Latin American countries which were discussed and analyzed during the meeting.

On the second day the participants had the opportunity to discuss and analyze “The path towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC)” with Manuel Espinoza, ISPOR Director and to discuss other key issues that are affecting the access of patients to innovative medicines in the region with Ayelet Haran from PhRMA and Justin Pine from BIO.

The meeting reinforced the compromise of FIFARMA members and Local Associations to support the development of Healthcare Sustainable systems in the region that foster the access to high quality pharmaceutical innovative products that improve life of patients in Latin America.